Welcome to the Official CharaChorder Guide!

Welcome to the wonderful world of CharaChorder! If you’re here, you are likely seeking guidance for your CharaChorder device or you’re simply interested in CharaChorder and came here to read a little about what CharaChorder devices are capable of. Either way, we welcome you and hope that you enjoy reading this guide. If you are setting your CharaChorder device up for the first time, please continue reading below.

Before even unboxing your CharaChorder, we encourage you to set up your computer with an English Keyboard Language. We recommend US English for the best results. If you would like to read instructions on how to change your computer Keyboard Language, feel free to follow the applicable external link for Windows, Mac or Linux (Ubuntu).

This guide has been designed to link itself to other sections of itself for quick reference and ease of access. Anything that is highlighted in blue or purple is clickable and will take you to another portion of the guide. Please note that this guide is currently a work in progress and is not final in any way. As such, many of the pages that are linked might be empty. We thank you for your patience as we work arduously to release more pages.

If you would like to submit a correction to something you’ve read in this guide, or if you have suggestions for the guide, please email alan@charachorder.com.

Table of Contents